Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lavender to chase away negativity

Lavender is great to chase away negativity. Sometimes you might feel like there is an invisible hand that's choking you, or squeezing your heart. This could very well be a psychic attack. What is a psychic attack you might wonder. If you've come in contact with negative people, their energy spills on to you and affect you this way. One of the best ways to feel better is to inhale lavender and also smudge with it. To smudge, you need the dried lavender. Light it up and walk it through your house. Smudging will clear the air and also make your house smell beautifully. You don't need to burn an entire bush, a few dried sprigs is enough. You can rub fresh or dried lavender between your thumb and forefinger and smell the heavenly scent it gives off. Lavender scent, even from a bottle (essential oil), is great to induce calmness.

Go ahead and try it. It's wonderful.

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