Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Simple Cleansing Ritual

Here is a recipe for a simple cleansing ritual:
Water, sea salt, burning sage or lavender.

These ingredients represent the 4 elements: water, earth, fire and air (the smoke of incense).

Simply add some sea salt to a bucket of water and mop your floors then burn some incense through out your home.

It will be nicely cleansed and purified. 

Clearing the aura

To clear some one's aura, follow these steps:

Have them sit on a chair.
Stand next to them.
Flick you hands.
Start from the top of their ahead about a foot above their crown. Put your hands in that area and feel.
Can you feel their energy in the aura?
Does it feel clean?
Or does it feel like cobwebs? Sticky and clingy?
Slide your hands from above their crown all the way around and down.
Continue to feel the quality of the energy. You are not touching them; only feeling the energy field around them.
Whenever you come across cobwebs in the energy field, grab them with your hands and flick them away.
Continue to do this until you feel no more cobwebs.
Once you have cleaned their aura, they will feel refreshed and better.
Remember to flick off your hands to get rid of any residue you might have on them. 


There are many different kinds of dreams. Here are some examples.

Anxiety Dreams: Something is bothering you, you are stressed out and you have a dream in which things are really messed up, nothing makes sense, perhaps you see yourself in several different fearful situations. These are anxiety dreams. It does not mean that whatever you dreamed will come true. It's a way your subconscious is dealing with your stress.

Problem Solving Dreams: I have a classic example of this. The inventor of the modern day sewing machine was busy working on his invention, but he still hadn't figured it all out yet. One day when he was exhausted from his work he fell asleep and had a dream in which native people with spears were running after him, and all their spears had a whole on the tip. When he woke up he went back to work and put the whole at the tip of the needle; the invention of the sewing machine was complete. Prior to the dream, he was putting the whole on the top as it is in a hand held sewing needle.

Prophetic Dreams: These are dreams in which messages are given either in a direct language or with symbols about future events. They are actually quite interesting and fun to decipher. If you track your dreams, you will learn the meaning of different symbols and how to interpret them. For example, water means emotions in a dream. Car is the direction your life is taking. Are you driving the car or is someone else driving it, or does the car have a mind of its own?

Healing Dreams: Sometimes you might have healing offered to you by a spiritual healer or an angel in your dream. You might go to sleep with a fever or some other symptom, have a visit from a healer and wake up healed, symptoms gone.

Recurring Dreams: You might be experiencing recurring dreams. You can be sure that the dream is pointing to an unresolved issue in your life. Your subconscious through the dream is inviting you to work on it. Once the issue is resolved, the recurring dream will stop.

Nightmares: Most people who study dreams will say that nightmares are indication of fear that needs to be confronted. I have a different take on nightmares. My own experience with nightmares is that they are disturbing visits from lower energy beings who enjoy scaring you or your child. The best way to stop this is prayer, smudging and clean energy work and boldly putting "Do Not Enter" signs up around your residence - not literal signs but Light energy as protection. This is something you need to do every so often, so that it does not wear off.

If you have any questions or comments about dreams, I invite you to post a comment.

Lavender to chase away negativity

Lavender is great to chase away negativity. Sometimes you might feel like there is an invisible hand that's choking you, or squeezing your heart. This could very well be a psychic attack. What is a psychic attack you might wonder. If you've come in contact with negative people, their energy spills on to you and affect you this way. One of the best ways to feel better is to inhale lavender and also smudge with it. To smudge, you need the dried lavender. Light it up and walk it through your house. Smudging will clear the air and also make your house smell beautifully. You don't need to burn an entire bush, a few dried sprigs is enough. You can rub fresh or dried lavender between your thumb and forefinger and smell the heavenly scent it gives off. Lavender scent, even from a bottle (essential oil), is great to induce calmness.

Go ahead and try it. It's wonderful.

Reincarnation and Karma

Here is a topic dear to my heart: Reincarnation.

If you consider yourself a mystic or a spiritual person, then I think it's safe to assume that you believe in reincarnation. Some sects of Christianity do not believe in this possibility, and I respect their beliefs. I am not trying to convince anyone that reincarnation is fact not fallacy. In fact, I am not trying convince anyone of anything, I am only sharing my views and beliefs with you.

This is a topic that greatly interests me; it certainly explains so many things that other theories fall short on.

For example, why do bad things happen to good people?

If you believe in reincarnation, then the answer is very simple. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people because they are paying off Karma from their past lives and learning things in the process (remember that journey towards enlightenment).

And while we are at it, let's make one thing clear: We all have Karma. If we managed to get a clean slate, that means we have reached enlightenment or self-realization which by definition wipes the slate clean. Only realized masters are free of Karma.

So what is Karma?

Karma is what you have accumulated in your past lives. Every time you do something you create Karma. One way to pay off your Karma faster is to do a lot of good deeds. Remember my Guru's declaration that Work is Worship. If you do service to mankind, animals, nature, etc., all of that counts as good Karma and it takes away from the negatives you've accumulated over the ages and different lifetimes.

When we incarnate to a new life in a new body, our purpose is to learn lessons and pay off Karma. When we've paid off Karma and we incarnate as an enlightened master, then we are helping other people pay off their Karma.

I wish you all a speedy payment of your Karma. May your slate be clean in a jiffy!

Who or What Are the Djinn?

The Djinn.

Here is a word you don't hear very often in the Western world, especially in North America.

No, I am not talking about the pretty girl that lived in a bottle and granted wishes to her master. I am talking about the real Djinn.

Although they are mostly unheard of in the Western world, they are quite well known in the Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia.

For an informative discussion of this very special topic, I refer you to the following article. Click on the photo below to read more on this very interesting topic:

Your sanctuary

Your home is your sanctuary, your very private place to hole up and feel safe, just like your mother's womb. Preserve the sanctity of your home by inviting only those people who are pure of heart and deserve to enter this special place. Keep it clean, regularly smudge it to get rid of negative energies and be mindful of the kind of art you display.

Do not keep dead plants or dried flowers in your home.

If you have pets, make sure their favorite spots and dishes are cleaned regularly.

If you pet uses your backyard for his business, make sure you pick it up immediately.

Buy fresh flowers, display joyful/peaceful art, and most importantly bless your home with love and white light.

A Simple Cleansing Ritual

Here is a recipe for a simple cleansing ritual: Water, sea salt, burning sage or lavender. These ingredients represent the 4 elemen...