Thursday, March 15, 2018


There are many different kinds of dreams. Here are some examples.

Anxiety Dreams: Something is bothering you, you are stressed out and you have a dream in which things are really messed up, nothing makes sense, perhaps you see yourself in several different fearful situations. These are anxiety dreams. It does not mean that whatever you dreamed will come true. It's a way your subconscious is dealing with your stress.

Problem Solving Dreams: I have a classic example of this. The inventor of the modern day sewing machine was busy working on his invention, but he still hadn't figured it all out yet. One day when he was exhausted from his work he fell asleep and had a dream in which native people with spears were running after him, and all their spears had a whole on the tip. When he woke up he went back to work and put the whole at the tip of the needle; the invention of the sewing machine was complete. Prior to the dream, he was putting the whole on the top as it is in a hand held sewing needle.

Prophetic Dreams: These are dreams in which messages are given either in a direct language or with symbols about future events. They are actually quite interesting and fun to decipher. If you track your dreams, you will learn the meaning of different symbols and how to interpret them. For example, water means emotions in a dream. Car is the direction your life is taking. Are you driving the car or is someone else driving it, or does the car have a mind of its own?

Healing Dreams: Sometimes you might have healing offered to you by a spiritual healer or an angel in your dream. You might go to sleep with a fever or some other symptom, have a visit from a healer and wake up healed, symptoms gone.

Recurring Dreams: You might be experiencing recurring dreams. You can be sure that the dream is pointing to an unresolved issue in your life. Your subconscious through the dream is inviting you to work on it. Once the issue is resolved, the recurring dream will stop.

Nightmares: Most people who study dreams will say that nightmares are indication of fear that needs to be confronted. I have a different take on nightmares. My own experience with nightmares is that they are disturbing visits from lower energy beings who enjoy scaring you or your child. The best way to stop this is prayer, smudging and clean energy work and boldly putting "Do Not Enter" signs up around your residence - not literal signs but Light energy as protection. This is something you need to do every so often, so that it does not wear off.

If you have any questions or comments about dreams, I invite you to post a comment.

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