Thursday, March 15, 2018

Clearing the aura

To clear some one's aura, follow these steps:

Have them sit on a chair.
Stand next to them.
Flick you hands.
Start from the top of their ahead about a foot above their crown. Put your hands in that area and feel.
Can you feel their energy in the aura?
Does it feel clean?
Or does it feel like cobwebs? Sticky and clingy?
Slide your hands from above their crown all the way around and down.
Continue to feel the quality of the energy. You are not touching them; only feeling the energy field around them.
Whenever you come across cobwebs in the energy field, grab them with your hands and flick them away.
Continue to do this until you feel no more cobwebs.
Once you have cleaned their aura, they will feel refreshed and better.
Remember to flick off your hands to get rid of any residue you might have on them. 

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